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Bridgestone Home Tire Service Center 
It is also crucial for replacement tyres to be fitted correctly on the vehicle. The result of a badly fitted tyre is irregular wear and tear at the least. In severe cases where tyres are incorrectly fitted, the stability and handling of the vehicle could be compromised resulting in safety concerns.

To ensure that Bridgestone customers have the facility for correct fitment and maintenance of their tyres, Kewalram operates three flagship car tyre service centers in Lagos. These state of the art centers are equipped with the latest machinery for ;

Mechanical tyre changing
Computerized wheel balancing
Laser guided wheel alignment

In addition to our own centers, Kewalram operates “Franchised Tyre Service Centers” around the country. These Bridgestone Franchise operators obtain their equipment and consumable parts directly from our company. We operate regular training sessions for their technical staff to ensure high standards. Our network of franchisees is growing continually.

For a full list of Bridgestone Tires Service Centers, please see below.

Kewalram Bridgestone Car Tire Service Centers

  1. LAGOS, Victoria Island – 8 A Karmu Kotun Street.
    Tel. 01-2615908.
  2. LAGOS, Ikoyi - 132 Awolowo Road.
    Tel. 01-773 9631, 0805-7759081
  3. LAGOS, Isolo - Afprint Compound, Apapa Oshodi Expressway.
    Tel. 01-7745024.01-4525567, 01-4528859
Franchisee Car Tire Service Centers

  1. KANO, Yunesco Ltd. 9B Niger Street.
    Tel. 064-940920
  2. KANO, AG Abdullhai & Co. 100 Aminu Kano Way, Goron-dutse.
    Tel. 064-645367
  3. LAGOS, Ikeja. LekeLeke Investment Ltd. 58, Adeniyi Jones Avenue.
    Tel. 01-4707800
  4. ABUJA, Debok Nigeria Ent. Plot No.1335, Cadastral Zone B06. Opp Mabushi Roundabout.
    Tel. 0805-5431517, 0803-3200227.
  5. IBADAN. Texaco Filling Station. Mokola Roundabout.
    Tel. 02-2412865.
NOTE : Kindly contact Kewalram for the latest updated list of Franchisee Tire Service centers as our network is ever growing.

Please not that our Franchisee’s are independent corporate entities

Whilst assuring you of the highest standard of service from our official Franchisee Tire service centers, kindly note that Kewalram shall not be responsible or liable for any act of the franchisee or their agents.

Kewalram Bridgestone Truck Tire Service Centre

Kewalram operates a repair center specifically for heavy truck and large bus tires. We have the facility to collect damaged tires from our fleet users which will be delivered to our center.

We can repair “Upper Cut” or “Chipped” tires, however we do recommend repair to “Through Cut” damaged tires.

The tire will be dismounted from the rim on our state of the art changing machine.

Our trained engineers will undertake buffing to clean the injury. Rubber patches will be applied with chemical bonding and the tire will be cured with a heating machine.

The repaired tires will be remounted onto the rim and sent for balancing on our computerized machines to obtain even weight around the tire. This will benefit even wear and tear for the future.

Our repair center is located at our Isolo premises.